About TPS

One world, One chance. Let’s stick together and be forever.

Member TPS stands for Teenage Peace Seekers.
We focus on students who are teenage and live in Japan.
We all have different nationalities and birth places. We think about what we can do for the sake of world peace. Our group was established for continuing our activities to make our goal into a reality.

The Teenage Peace Seekers are a group of ten students all attending international schools and Japanese school. As a group we meet up to have discussion at places like cafes, school and friend’s houses. We have thoroughly discussed the suffering people are currently experiencing due to wars and poverty in the world and children who are facing hard situations due to unwanted conditions. As we talked about these issues, we began to discuss how we as a group of teenagers could help change these situations.

We all have different nationalities and birthplaces. Regardless, we accept each other and have since become great friends. If people in the world try to accept and understand individuals regardless of their nationalities as we did, we believe humans as a race can begin to live more peaceful and happy lives.

Now, we have been talking to different friends about TPS. Expanding this organization to kids from Japanese schools as well.
And of course, as teenagers, we hope that those who live in other countries will participate in our activities so we can make our goal a reality.

Our Plan

We are planning to use art, music and sports to which people can be interested in and identify with regardless of their age, gender or nationality. Any revenue obtained from TPS activities will be re-distributed as aid to other charitable organisations and friendship associations.

Make Songs

Make Songs

TPS members enjoy many musical genres without bias, and some members are also interested in song writing.
TPS members believe that "Music is a common language and culture among teenagers".
TPS has completed the lyrics to 100 songs so far.
We plan to visit various people, with our parents' cooperation, and sometimes by ourselves, in order to ask them to provide the music to go with our lyrics.
We would like to release various songs in the future in an album called "TPS Peace Songs".
Organisation of a Music Festival

Organisation of a Music Festival

At TPS, we felt that we would like to convey the heartfelt messages of the children who have been forced to live in harsh environments, due to poverty, hunger, disaster and war, to people all over the world and hopefully spread the awareness of such things.
Our goal is to create 100 peace songs.
Transcending borders and religions, if our songs can be heard on the radio in areas where the internet access and televisions are not available, we could increase the number of children who are given "courage", "joy" and "dreams" and hope for the better through these songs.
Through the songs, we want to let them know that "They have someone who is there for them even on the other side of the globe".
We strongly hope that the “TPS Peace songs” sung around the world will resonate in the hearts of all of those who listen.
Sporting Events

Sporting Events

In recent years, fights between supporters of teams, competition between the countries, and tough training from a young age have become a problem.
To us, "Festivals of Sport" often look more like "battles in the name of sport".
So we have planned an "All-Star Peace Sports" for the children of the world. Rather than sport to compete and determine who is better, our ideas are combination of "Sport for enjoyment," "The fusion of sports of different genres," and "Star players that can all be seen at one time".
Our first vision is of a football game that can bring together football players, baseball players, gymnasts, basketball players and track and field athletes. Young and old people around the world, regardless of borders and religions, will support the team to which their favourite players belong.
There will be no fighting between nations. There will also be no rankings. It will just be a simple game between two teams, with members determined by lottery. The players will not be professionals in that particular sport, so they will not be able to play as well; however, there will be a lot of smiles, and both the players and the spectators can enjoy this event.
Providing Items

Providing Items

TPS has the concept for planning and development of charity goods from a variety of angles.

Popularisation of donation cards
When a person makes donation, he or she will be given a single pop card.
This is not simply making a donation; it is a donation model where you are purchasing a card. The cards feature celebrity pictures, messages or photos. The cards will be placed in shops, including convenience stores and book stores. We will come up with some way of making the buyers feel that they want to collect a large number of cards.

TPS Candle
PS Candle At the time of disaster, what we needed is " light" in the dark.
Since ancient times, people have lit " lights" at the time of prayer.
We, TPS, would like to support " candle production," which people can get involved in regardless of gender or age.
We will add the unique individuality of TPS to the candles, such as fragrance, color, art and form.

Items made in collaboration with comic artists.
It will be merchandise featuring illustrations by Japanese comic artists.
Japan has created a lot of comics and animation of which we are proud to show off to the rest of the world. We will commission prominent comic artists to produce " Charity Art," and will sell them as TPS products in Japan and all over the world.