TPS's Activity Report

January 17 & 18, 2015
Bellesale Sumitomo Fudosan, Akihabara
10 TPS members and their parents, PSJ members.
Sales of TPS Supporters Mineral Water – Comic Artist “ Leiji Matsumoto ” Edition at the Akiba Daisuki! Festival

We participated in the Akiba Daisuki! Festival for the second time. The event took place on January 17 and 18.
This was our second time to join the event. At our booth, we showcased and sold the TPS Supporters Mineral Water – Comic Artist “ Leiji Matsumoto ” Edition. The sales was for our charity activity.

We gathered at the event site in the morning to set up the booth wearing the uniform T-shirts like we did at the previous time.
As the event commenced and the visitors began to show up, we spoke to them and said “Leiji Matsumoto and other famous comic artists collaborated for our charity,” and “the TPS original charity bottle is available here.”
We also handed them the TPS Water advertisement flyer.

Akiba Daisuki! Festival

It was quite a cold and windy day. But who cared as we were together. A lot of visitors received and read the flyer and took a look at the bottle showcased at the booth. Among them was a great fan of Leiji Matsumoto and he bought twenty bottles of the water.

On 17, Mr. Leiji Matsumoto appeared on the talk-show at the festival. He also visited our booth and we took pictures with him. We were so privileged!

Akiba Daisuki! Festival

Many of the visitors to our booth are fans of Buichi Terasawa, Riyoko Ikeda, and Machiko Satonaka. They read our flyer and looked at the posters at our booth. They said they were so interested in the water that they couldn’t wait for the market launch.

The previous time we showcased the TPS Water at the event, the water did not come out with the comic graphics and not many people recognized TPS so we had a hard time trying to make them familiar with the TPS Water. But this time, the great comic artists helped us a lot to make people interested in the water.

Now we would like to thank again those who visited our booth at the Akiba Daisuki! Festival.

Akiba Daisuki! Festival
【Next Challenges】
We will plan the actions both on the long term and on the short term to boost the TPS Supporters Mineral Water – Comic Artists Edition which will soon be launched in the market. The actions will include events and volunteering activities to improve the recognition both of the product and of TPS.
【Report from PSJ Association Inc.】
The below listed are those who donated us totally twenty cases (= 480 bottles) of the TPS mineral water.
R Water.INC
J Water.INC

We also received cash donation of JPY6,957 from visitors to our booth on January 17 and 18. We will transfer the cash donation and some portion of the profit from the mineral water sales to charity groups that support the reconstruction of the region suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our thankfulness to all who support us.