TPS's Activity Report

Activity Report 6
October 18, 2014
Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture
Six of the TPS members and their parents, and the PSJ members
Help the mineral water contribution by an NPO “Fukushima Water of Life”

We joined a not-for-profit organization “Fukushima Water of Life” for the mineral water contribution on October 18. Fukushima Water of Life- Livener was created to support the mothers who need to secure the health of the children that were exposed to radioactivity due to the nuclear accident caused by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. The NPO’s activities include free contribution of mineral water and food products. The foods are close to best-before date but surely safe to eat.

For details about About Fukushima Water of Life- Livener, please see this page:


In September, we only donated the mineral water to the organization but this time in October we participated in the contribution and helped out the organization staff. Our mission was to help out the NPO staff to load the receivers’ vehicles with the water and the food stuff and to play with the children.
At the contribution, the NPO gives three cases of the mineral water to each one of the children. This time, three packs of snacks were given to each household. Each time, the organization gives different snacks. Next time, it will be canned mandarin oranges.
One case of the water weighs 12kg, which is quite heavy for us. But we did not care because we were so enthusiastic to make the children happy. Many of the children were accompanied by their parents. We had a chance to talk with them while we were loading the parents’ vehicles with the water and snacks.
A staff member of the Fukushima Water of Life- Livener told us that to be friendly to the children and play with them and make them happy are very important things to do. In return the children’s smile made us happy too. Some fathers apologized when we, girls, loaded their cars with the heavy cases. Mothers with children and expectant mothers appreciated our help very much. Some families, depending on the number of children, received 9 cases or 12 cases. Two hours of the contribution passed so quickly while we were working hard.

Usually at the contribution there are three staff members of the NPO and 1 volunteer or two. This time, ten of us joined them. We just imagine how hard they work at the contribution with a limited workforce.

We learned a lot of things from the NPO staff and the families who attended the contribution. We would like to thank them again for the opportunity.

After the contribution was over, the NPO’s Representative Mr. Tsuboi talked us about the NPO’s history from the Earthquake disaster period up to now. He showed us the radioactivity level measured at the region where the children are living. He explained how critical the level is. He added that it is not harmful for us as we do not stay there permanently. However, the children have to live in the situation for decades. We found the fact too significant to ignore.
Mr. Tsuboi estimates there are at least hundred thousands of children who were exposed to the radiation. Distributing mineral water to them may be just a drop in the ocean. However, he believes it is never useless to do something for someone in need as much as he can. We do agree with him and we will do it in our way.
Each of our steps may be small, but keep making the steps can take us a long way. We have just started.
We made up our mind again to further develop our activities, making more supporters and collaborators from diversified fields.
[Report from PSJ]
We donated to the NPO Fukushima Water of Life- Livener the mineral water that was donated by our supporting corporations and some portion of the sales profit generated at the Akiba Daisuki! Matsuri Festival.
The breakdown of the mineral water donation is as below:
- 20 cases (480 bottles) at September 20 contribution
- 18 cases (432 bottles) at October 18 contribution

We, hereby, would like to express thankfulness from our heart to our supporting corporations and those who donated for our project.

The Fukushima Water of Life featured our participation on Facebook.