TPS's Activity Report

Activity Report 5
August 29 and 30
Sumitomo Fudosan Belle Salle, Akihabara
TPS core members and 12 supporting high school students, TPS members’ parents and supporters
Sales of charity mineral waters at the Akiba Daisuki Matsuri

We joined the Akiba Daisuki Matsuri on August 29 and 30 and conducted our first charity activity. We sold TPS Charity Mineral Water and “Whatever It Takes” Mineral Water donated by our supporting companies.
In the morning, as we prepared our booth, we wore the matching T-shirts and set up the hand out flyers and the T-shirts at our booth. We also fixed our collection box at the booth.

We cried to the public for our charity waters.
In the beginning we were nervous but soon we got used. We were even louder than the next door music players and listeners.
We cried louder than anybody, our parents and adult supporters. We talked to passersby who were interested in TPS and briefed on what we will do with the donation. There were some people who got interested in our activities and purchased some ten to 20 bottles.
At the entrance of the premises where our booth was located, we handed out the TPS flyer to passersby. There were some people who read the flyer and got interested. They came to visit our booth and bought the water.

We made a little step to get ourselves recognized by talking to those who we met just by chance. We got so motivated to have more people interested in, understand, and support our activities.
We enjoyed being in Akiharabara where we met a number of unknown characters and also many idols. They showed interest in TPS and our charity waters. They kindly let us photograph with them for which we would like to thank again.
Last, but not least, we also thank again all who visited our booth!

[Future issue]
We will make future plans for opportunities like this event to further increase our recognition both on short and long terms. We will also discuss and decide on how to distribute the received donations to our recipient(s).
We learned that it takes much of preparation to complete an event like this time. It takes more than a school festival does.
This time, classes and school activities did not allow us to work on the preparation before the event days. From next time on, we will work on events starting from the preparation in cooperation with the parents.
[Report from PSJ]
The donation cash received totally amounts to JPY32,416-
The mineral waters donated by supporting companies:
- R Water donated 10 cases each of which contains 24 bottles (total of 240 bottles)
- J Water donated 42 cases each of which contains 24 bottles (total of 1008 bottles)
We will donate the money and the bottled waters together with the profit generated from the water sales for the assistance for reconstruction of the Tohoku Earthquake-affected areas.
The recipients include NPO Fukushima Inochi no Mizu and other supporting organizations.