TPS's Activity Report

Activity Report 3
One day in May
At Jonathan's house (one of the core members)
7 TPS members, members' parents and TPS supporters
Music activities / Peace songs

Music activities / Peace songs Some of the TPS members' families are musicians. One of our teachers is also a rock musician. So we had a lot of opportunities to familiarise with music of many genres in everyday life. Many of our members also had strong interests in music.
Among them, Jonathan, one of the core members, has written 80 pieces of lyrics so far.
The themes of his poems are peace, love, relationships and feelings about families and the earth. Many of the themes of his music relate to the purpose of TPS activities.
"I can sympathise with this poem!"
"The poem is very mature for a high school student, isn't it?"
While we were talking about our impression of Jonathan's poem, one of the members said, "How about putting a melody on the poem that we choose? Can we sing that song as TPS's peace song?"
When we heard that, we were very excited there. Finally, we named the song that we've chosen "「Be Alright」".
A song to loved ones, a song from a child to his/her mother, a song as if nature gently speaks to humans, a song for children who need help in foreign countries. Any person who listens to this song will definitely feel a warmth of emotions.
Once we've decided on the lyrics, the next step was the melody.
"The charity song for supporting the victims of the Haiti earthquake, "We Are The World 25 For Haiti", was impressive. We want to create a melody similar to "We Are The World".
"We also want to increase the number of songs gradually. In the future, we would like to organise a peace music festival".
"The Beatle - "All You Need Is Love" is also a reconstruction support charity song for the Great East Japan Earthquake. What other charity songs are there?" We forgot the time and listened to more than 100 charity songs from all over the world all night long.
Eventually we would like to compose music by ourselves, but considering the level of our current composing skills, it will be better to ask a professional composer. So, we decided to find a musician who would agree with our activities and composes a song for us.
We checked the charity songs in Japan up until then. We listed all the musicians who were active in charity and volunteer activities.
Jonathan's mother who had been observing our activities and had shown interest in our passion and ideas as teenagers. She promised that she would help us look for a musician who could support us since she had had some experience of event planning using the media in the past.
There was another member whose parent was working at a media-related company. Heexcitedly said, "I will persuade my parent to work with us".

Thus, the "TPS Peace song" came into existence through our ideas, passion and aspiration for peace.
It will be a long way to go until this song can obtain popularity and support from everyone in Japan and around the world. Hopefully this song will bring some revenue that will be re-distributed for the sake of peace support.
However, since we can now organise activities through our favourite music, we are extremely happy and excited for what is to come.
What kind of "flowers" can we produce? And what kind of "fruits" can we grow?
We will continue to upload our activity reports for the future developments sequentially.

  • We will create TPS "Peace songs".
  • Revenue obtained through the music will be re-distributed for donations and peace support activities.
[Future Issues]
  • In order to spread the completed "Peace songs", we will have to think about a concrete way to widen the circle of support.
  • We will think of specific methods for revenue re-distribution
Everybody has abundant dreams and ideas about our music activities. However, the way of making the ideas realistic is still difficult without mothers' and adult supporters' to help.