TPS's Activity Report

Activity Report 7
Fall 2014 through January 2015
TPS Supporters Mineral Water – Comic Artists Edition

【Recognition and Report by PSJ Association Inc.】
PSJ staff  visited   Leiji Matsumoto Office We finally completed the preparation for our charity mineral water commercialization through collaboration between TPS and Japan’s leading manga artists. We would like to take this opportunity to express our thankfulness to those who helped this project including the artists.

One of the TPS members’ dreams has come into shape and we, the PSJ members, are also very happy.

We have put the water into a mass production and will report you when it gets ready for sales.

The collaborating manag artists
Riyoko Ikeda (Ikeda Riyoko Production)
Machiko Satonaka (Satonaka Production)
Buichi Terasawa (A-girl Rights, Co. Ltd)
Leiji Matsumoto (Leijisha / Office Pri-on.,Ltd)
The collaborating manag artists