TPS's Activity Report

Activity Report 4
One day in July
At a core member’s house, a supporter’s office, etc.
TPS core members, TPS supporters
Preparation for a charity activity

Among our supporters, many of them have various professions. There are some people who propose their events for our charity activity opportunity.
The other day, we gathered and discussed what we can do as TPS charity activities and what it takes for us to put our ideas into action.

One of the members remembered a TV program that gave a hint. And said, “How about wearing matching T-shirts to stand out in public?” and “Let’s have a collection box for the donated money.” The second guy said, “We can buy a collection box putting together our pocket money.” The third guy questioned, “How shall we make matching T-shirts?”
After the meeting, each member talked ther parents and people about the T-shirt idea. After Some supporters made two T-shirts, one for themself and another is for member.

Now we are wearing the new matching T-shirts and putting our messages on the collection box that we bought with the money that we put together from our pocket. We are very much excited counting the days left until we carry out the activity.

One of our members has parents who introduced us to R Water Inc. that decided to support us. The company has made a project to produce a TPS mineral water for the purpose of making a donation out of the sales profit.
This was a big nice surprise for us and our parents, and our supports. Our group has just started but we already have such a great supporter. We will never let our supporters down.

[Future issues]
We will join the Akiba Daisuki Matsuri scheduled for August 29 and 30.
We will have a preparation meeting with the supporters.
With help from the supporters, we made our original matching T-shirt and bottled mineral water. We will make the best of these to make our activities successful. Having them at hand makes us feel so happy and at the same time they remind us of our commitment.